10.1 Simple Virtual Tours and Single Page Property Site Links

Simple Virtual Tours

Typically, agents will use the Virtual Tour templates designed by AgentRelay, rather than using the default Tours generated from Matterport, as our templates boost in-viewing visitor engagement and lead generation opportunities. Our templates also collect data on both the visitor journey and sites that refer visitors for improved marketing oversight. Finally, our Virtual Tour templates allow real-time chat messaging inside customers’ Matterport Tours to allow for real-time communication with visitors who are exploring the tour online. Below is an example of a Simple Virtual Tour template:

Single Page Property Sites AgentRelay’s Single Page Property Sites allow agents to automatically provision bespoke websites for each property they take on.

Our Single Page Property Sites allow visitors to access a range of online marketing materials, including a Matterport Tour, a full property description, floorplans, photos, and any videos of the property. As with a Simple Virtual Tour, real-time chat is also available within the Matterport Tour on a Single Page Property Site. Below is an example of a Single Page Property Site:


AgentRelay has built a suite of templates to replace the default Matterport Tour in order to allow clients to introduce a registration form as part of the viewing journey to drive improved engagement with anonymous visitors.

Three Templates are available for the agent to share and provide guests with access to both Simple Virtual Tours and Single Page Property Sites. The templates are ‘Immediate Registration Required’, ‘Delayed Registration Required’, or ‘No Registration Required’.

‌Once the organisation has decided upon the type of registration template to be used, the user can click the Share button against the relevant template and will be taken to a new screen allowing them to copy either the Simple Virtual Tour Link, Embed Code or QR code or the Single Page Property Site link or QR code.

The Matterport Tour viewing templates can be accessed from under the heading, Visitor Registration Templates for Matterport Tours within the property's details.

We will look at the three templates now.

The Immediate Registration Required Matterport Tour template enforces tour visitors to register before they can explore the Matterport Virtual Tour. Their contact details will be sent immediately to the Lead Agent by email.

The second type of registration is Delayed Registration Required. The guest is granted unfettered access to the specific Matterport Tour for a set time after which they are required to register to continue exploring the Matterport Tour. The duration of the delay can be configured in Global System Settings and is covered in section 3.2.

The third type of registration is No Registration Required. Under this registration type, no registration is required to access or fully explore the Matterport Virtual Tour.

We recommend users utilise these links even when they are not enforcing registration, thus allowing visitors to make contact from within the Matterport Virtual Tours using AgentRelay’s in-tour contact forms.

Additionally, the organisation can log important information on the referring site that has passed the visitor to the virtual tour by directing visitors to use our bespoke Matterport Tour templates. This information can then be reviewed in the Sources Insights section.

Lead Agent Settings Within Unaccompanied Visits

When a new property is created, the system will automatically assign the creator of that property as the lead agent. This can be changed by editing the Lead Agent field.

The Lead Agent will receive all notifications concerning visitors exploring Matterport Tours, including visitor registrations, viewing requests and contact enquiries.

The Contact Agent button within Matterport Virtual Tours will be made visible by checking or unchecking the Show Lead-Agent Contact Details box under In-Tour Visitor Contact Actions (figure 16) in the Space Summary.

If the box is ticked, a Contact Agent button will appear in the navigation bar and can offer different contact options for visitors to Matterport Virtual Tours.

The five contact options are:

1. Call

The agent will be available for contact by phone by pressing the call icon.

2. Email

An agent can be contacted by email during an Unaccompanied Visit.

3. WhatsApp

By clicking the WhatsApp icon will allow an agent to be contacted via WhatsApp

4. Messenger

An Agent is contactable by Facebook Messenger during an Unaccompanied Visit.

In order for these options to appear those contact details need to be added under the agent’s User Profile settings.

5. Complete Online form

If a visitor completes a Contact Agent Online Form within a Matterport Virtual Tour, the visitor’s name and contact details will be sent to the Lead Agent for follow-up.

Further In-Tour Contact Options

Ticking the Request Virtual Viewing or Request In-Person Viewing boxes will result in the Schedule A

Viewing button becoming visible (figure 17) within Matterport Virtual Tours providing further visitor contact options.

Schedule an In-Person Viewing:

Schedule a Virtual Viewing:

To access an anonymous viewing via a link or QR code when registration is required, the viewing registration screen shown to the guest is the following:

An agent will be notified of the visitor's registration details immediately by email whenever an Unaccompanied Visit is being undertaken.A privacy notice will only appear on a viewing registration if a privacy notice link has been inserted into the privacy field with the Account settings.An adjustable setting for the expiration time (in days) of the Matterport Virtual Tour link sent after an Agent-Accompanied Visit is located on Your Account Details on the portal’s main menu.

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