4.2. My Settings


Set the Global System Setting parameters according to your requirements which include the following:

Expiry of Matterport Links Sent After Agent-Accompanied Viewing

The number of days a Matterport link will be active before expiring, after the Matterport link has been automatically sent to a guest following an Agent-Accompanied Viewing.

Registration Delay Time for Matterport Tours

The number of seconds after which a Virtual Tour visitor is required to register when the 'Delayed Registration' Matterport template is used.

Enable Maps and Street View in Viewings

A feature to provide integration with Google Maps and Google Street View, allowing agents and guests to co-view Maps and street level virtual tour content during an Agent-Accompanied Viewing.

Enable Mattertags in Viewings

A feature that shows Mattertags and synchronises the Mattertag content between agents and guests within Agent-Accompanied Viewing.

Viewing Recording Setting

This setting is currently managed by AgentView on the customer’s behalf. This setting allows the customer to keep an archived copy of all Agent-Accompanied Viewings including:

  • Chat message history

  • Audio Content

  • Video Conference Recording

Customers should contact us if they would like to adjust this setting

Enable Registration Email Verification for Matterport Tour & Single-Page Property Site Links

With this setting enabled, an email with a validation code will be sent to a visitor wishing to view the Matterport tour online. Once they have validated their email they can access the corresponding Matterport Tour or Single-Page Property Site.

Unit of Measurement

Set the unit used to represent the size/area of the property throughout the system.

Theme Customisation

Customise the colour for Simple Virtual Tour links and Single-Page Property sites using the desired hex colour code.

Embed Live Chat in Matterport Tours

Offer real-time live chat inside Matterport Tours by adding your website code for Live Chat platforms including LiveChat.com and Intercom.com.

This feature allows visitors to Matterport Tours to ask questions in real-time as they explore the space, driving better engagement with anonymous visitors and ultimately more leads into clients’ sales pipeline.

To activate this feature, simply copy and paste the code snippet that your chat software provides for embedding its code directly into the chat field in Settings.

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