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2. Sign-Up

On signing up for AgentView at you will be asked to go through a simple sign-up process starting with the Sign-Up panel below.
When you type in your name, a username is automatically generated based on your name. If this username has been used before you will be asked to choose a new username.
The password box requires a minimum of 8 characters and does not request any specific letters, numbers, or special characters.
Upon completion and by clicking on ‘next’ you will receive a verification email, allowing you to continue to the next step of the sign-up process. If you do not receive an email you can contact our customer support team on [email protected]
The verification email request will come from the email address [email protected] with the subject ‘Verify your AgentRelay account’ and contains a code to verify the email entered in the sign- up panel.
Once the code is submitted and your email validated, you are then invited to enter then Your Company details.
The next stage of the sign-up process is to Choose a Subscription type which can either be the initial free 14-day trial or straight to one of the paid monthly subscription models.
If you select to immediately take up a paid subscription, you will be prompted to make a payment by PayPal or by credit/debit card via Telr and will receive email confirmation confirming your subscription. Telr is AgentViews’s payment partner.
Once the subscription type is complete you will receive a sign-up success pop-up that says Welcome to AgentView and an email sign-up confirmation with your log-in details.