4.1. Company Settings

Ensure you complete the account details section before you begin adding properties and users to the administration portal.

Company Name

Enter the name of your company in this field as you would wish it to be recognised publicly. The company name is used in automated email notifications primarily.

Billing Email

It is the email address that you would like to receive your invoices and billing information from AgentRelay's payment partner, Paddle. Please note that this email address cannot be changed once added.

Privacy Notice Link

You have the option to enter a link to your company’s privacy notice. If this has been added a link to the privacy notice will appear below self-guided viewing registration forms, details of which are covered in Section 9.1.

The logo will appear to guests in the details pane within virtual viewings so ensure a high definition company logo is uploaded.

Viewing recording setting

This setting is currently managed by AgentView on your behalf for Professional Users Only. This setting allows you to keep an archived copy of all agent-guided viewings including:

  • Chat message history

  • Audio Content

  • Video Conference Recording

Default Language

Choose the default language for users in your organisation. Users can modify their own system language as explained in Section 3.4.

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