1.1 Matterport Guided Virtual Viewings

Offer convenient virtual showings to delight your increasingly mobile-first audience and to help qualify buyers in advance of time-consuming in-person showings.

AgentView’s Accompanied Virtual Showings Platform includes the ability for agents and their remote guests to conveniently co-view Matterport tours, photos, videos, Google maps and Street View, and even floorplans using its cutting-edge viewings technology.

Private and Open House Showings

AgentView offers two virtual viewing modes, Private Viewings that allow multiple related guests to join a virtual showing separately, and Open House viewings that allow brokers to schedule Virtual Open Houses in which guest identities remain anonymous.

QR Codes

AgentView offers QR codes for viewing Matterport tours, allowing online visitors to easily access tours on their phones, and even to allow guests to conveniently register for Virtual Open Houses.

In-Viewing Features

AgentView’s Virtual Viewings include integrated video and chat, together with the ability to co-view content including Matterport spaces, photos, videos, floorplans & Google Maps & street level virtual tours.

Viewing Joining Process

Guests join Virtual Viewings via a convenient single click on any device, including from smartphone, desktop and tablet, with no software downloads or agent screen-sharing required.

Viewing Invites, Reminders & Calendar Integration

Viewing invites are automatically sent to guests by email with the ability for them to add virtual showing appointment to their calendars. Guests will also receive viewing reminders in advance of virtual showings.

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