4.5 Users

4.5 Users

Admin users can add new users and edit or delete existing users from the Settings/Users section under the Account menu. We will cover the user management process in-depth in its own separate section under section 4 of this operating manual.

4.5.1 Admin role

Like an account owner, admin users have full access to settings in the AgentRelay portal. This includes Account Settings which are not available to agent users. Additionally, admin users can access all viewing-related data across the organisation, whereas agent users can only see viewing data on properties for which they are the Lead Agent.

4.5.2 Agent role

Agent-based users do not have access to the Account settings for the organisation (figure 2). An agent can add, edit, or delete properties and manage their own viewings. They can also review Insights data both for viewings and the spaces for which they are the lead agent.

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